Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing (DVDS) is a criminal court program designed for first time domestic violence offenders who are willing to take responsibility for their crime early in the criminal process. If a defendant meets the eligibility criteria, they are given the option to enter into DVDS and if they successfully complete the program, their charges will be dismissed. Judge Ricardo J. Menchaca is currently the judge who administers the DVDS program every Monday afternoon.

To enter the program, a defendant needs to plead guilty and make a statement to the Court detailing their actions which hold them guilty for the crime. Once in the program, a defendant is required to complete various requirements including complete a qualified domestic violence treatment program, abstain from alcohol and drugs, complete alcohol or drug treatment or parenting classes if applicable, and have no contact with the victim until allowed by the Court. If the defendant successfully completes all of the requirements, the charges they plead guilty to will be dismissed. If the defendant fails any requirement, they will be revoked from the program and sentenced for the crime.

Click here for the DVDS Agreement which includes eligibility requirements.