The Washington County Juvenile Drug Court, known as the Keys to Success Program, is designed for juvenile offenders with significant drug and alcohol problems who, if left without proper support and interventions, are at risk to recidivate.

The Keys to Success Program is a collaborative effort headed by the court and a staffing team with representatives from the DA’s Office, the public defender’s office, the Washington County juvenile department, and community treatment providers. The team works closely with the family of the youth to craft structured, individualized, and supportive case plans.

To enter the program, the youth needs to have admitted responsibility to the pending charges. Violent felony charges are not eligible for the program. The program requirements include treatment, drug testing, regular appearances before the Juvenile Drug Court judge, service to the community, and restitution to the victim if applicable. If the youth successfully graduates from the program, the charges will be dismissed.  

The goal of the Keys to Success Program is to promote community safety by holding the youth accountable while supporting and providing direction and resources for the youth to make positive choices.