The Washington County Mental Health Court is a post-conviction court program targeted toward non-violent offenders with mental health issues. This court is a collaborative effort headed by the court and a staffing team with representatives from the District Attorney's office, the public defender’s office, community corrections, the sheriff’s office, Washington County Adult and Mental Health Services, and various mental health specialists.  

The goal of Mental Health Court is to assist non-violent offenders who have been diagnosed with a mental illness in successfully completing their probation.  There is a strong emphasis on connecting participants to mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, and completing the conditions of supervision including paying restitution, performing community service and engaging in positive activities such as work or school. Mental Health Court is capable of handling between 20 and 30 defendants and screens potential participants on an on-going basis.

DA’s Office Mental Health Court personnel receive regular training regarding best practices to address mental health issues in the criminal justice system.  We routinely consult with mental health experts in order to make the best decisions to promote justice and community safety.