On February 14, 2018, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office joined with other sponsors to present a training event for law enforcement officers on the topic of “Issues in Domestic Violence Investigations.” The training was sponsored by the Washington County Domestic Violence Intervention Council in conjunction with the DA’s Office, Washington County Center for Victims’ Services, and the Washington County Community Corrections Department. The event was hosted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at the Law Enforcement Center in Hillsboro.

Presenters led over forty officers and deputies through a comprehensive day long program that provided education on general topics as well as practical guidance on specific issues in DV cases. Senior DDA Gina Skinner bookended the event, beginning the program with a presentation on the link between domestic violence and mass casualty events and ending with a legislative and legal update on new DV laws. DDA Melanie Musial joined with WCSO Detective John Bennett to instruct the investigators on what details and documentation make a better and more thorough DV police report. Presenters from Washington County Health and Human Services explained the effects of DV trauma on victims and children, while County Counsel Elmer Dickens discussed the legal standards that apply to officers responding to a DV incident.

The event received high marks from attendees, who praised the interesting subjects discussed as well as the practical tips they can use in their day-to-day work. The Washington County DA’s Office is proud to work with our law enforcement partners to break the cycle of domestic violence and help victims and children build better, safer lives.

For more information assistance available to victims of DV please visit our resources page.

February 14, 2018