The Washington County District Attorney's Office today announced that it has finished reviewing the Major Crimes Team investigation into the death of Katelynn Armand-Tylka. The investigation revealed the following:

James and Katelynn Tylka were married in December, 2014, and had a daughter together. For the last year and a half, the two were separated, but remained in contact for their daughter's sake. Friends and family report a tumultuous relationship, with a history of domestic violence—a history that is corroborated by other police investigations. In the weeks leading up to her death, Tylka sent Katelynn hundreds of text messages, alternatively begging her to take him back, and threatening to kill her.

On December 24, 2016, at approximately 1:30 pm, Tylka purchased a 9 mm Springfield XD Mod.2 handgun from a private seller in Portland. He also bought ear plugs and 9 mm ammunition from a local sporting goods store. A receipt for these items was located in Tylka's bedroom, and video surveillance confirms that Tylka made the purchase. On December 25, 2016, Tylka changed his Facebook profile image to a wedding day photo of James and Katelynn Tylka.

Katelynn was scheduled to work Christmas night. At approximately 10:10 pm, Katelynn dropped off their daughter at 11950 SW King James Place in King City, where Tylka lived with his mother and step-father. Tylka removed his daughter (who was still in her car seat) from the car and placed her in the home's entry way. He then walked back to the car and shot Katelynn eight times with the newly-purchased 9 mm handgun, six times in the chest and twice in head.

Tylka's mother heard gunfire and walked outside to investigate. She saw Tylka in his car with the engine running and tapped on the window, but Mr. Tylka "took off" without responding. Tylka's mother received a call from Tylka moments later. He asked if Katelynn was dead, then said, "I shot her mom. I shot her. She screwed up my life. My whole life's been screwed up and I shot her and I'm gonna kill myself."

At approximately 10:20 pm, Tylka called one of the victim's close friends and said that he'd shot Katelynn. At 10:48 pm Tylka sent a message to Katelynn's sister, stating, "I killed your sister."

In Katelynn's car was a restraining order petition prepared by Katelynn, requesting a restraining order against Tylka. Two cards from Tylka to Katelynn were also in the car. One was an anniversary card with a handwritten note that read, in part, "I am sorry for what I am about to do."

The investigation shows that Tylka intentionally caused the death of Katelynn Armand-Tylka, which constitutes the crime of murder under Oregon law. A short time later, Tylka attempted to kill a pursuing Oregon State Trooper and was involved in an exchange of gunfire which ended in Tylka's death. The investigation surrounding that shooting will be the subject of a separate report. But for his subsequent death, this office would have prosecuted Tylka for murder.

Katelynn was 24 at the time of her murder. Each year, a significant number of Washington County's homicides are domestic violence related. If you have concerns for your own safety in a domestic relationship, help is available through the Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-7233, or locally through Washington County's Domestic Violence Resource Center at (503) 640-5352. Reports will be available when the related Officer Involved Shooting investigation is finalized. Please direct any questions to Sr. DDA Bracken McKey or Sr. DDA Megan Johnson at (503) 846-8671.

February 14, 2017