HILLSBORO, Ore.- On December 10, 2021, Washington County Circuit Court Judge Oscar Garcia sentenced Omar Nunez-Flores to 100 months in prison. On November 5, 2021, a jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree rape constituting domestic violence, first-degree burglary, and multiple counts of fourth-degree assault constituting domestic violence. Senior Deputy District Attorney Gina Skinner prosecuted the case against the defendant. 

On October 11, 2020, the defendant physically assaulted the victim in her home. The assault was witnessed by her minor child. She called police and he was arrested for causing an injury to her face by hitting her and interfering with her ability to call 9-1-1. The defendant was indicted for felony assault, harassment, and interfering with making a report. He was released with a No Contact Order with the victim and was awaiting trial when he committed the crimes that occurred on December 25, 2020.

Early in the morning of December 25, 2020, in violation of the No Contact Order, the defendant unlawfully entered the victim’s home through a broken window, physically assaulted her by kicking and biting her, and raped her. The victim’s teenage son heard the commotion and his mother’s cries for help. He called police and struggled with the defendant in an attempt to keep him in the apartment until officers could arrive. Unfortunately, Mr. Nunez-Flores fled the scene before officers could respond, leaving his shirt and hat behind. Law enforcement made multiple efforts to locate him, and he was ultimately arrested during a traffic stop months later. 

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office wishes to commend the victim and her son for reporting this abuse. This office also acknowledges the work of the Hillsboro Police Department on this case. 

The defendant will be transferred to the Oregon Department of Corrections to begin serving his sentence.  

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Stephen Mayer
Public Information Officer
December 16, 2021