“I believe we share an obligation to ensure all members of our society not only have access to our justice system but also have confidence in it. Working to ensure our Oregon attorneys reflect the society we serve is axiomatic. Put simply: clients, victims, witnesses, jurors and the general public deserve attorneys who are representative of our community.”

Those are the words of Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton who is a founding member of the Oregon Diversity Legal Job Fair which is Oregon’s only diversity job fair for attorneys, paralegals and legal support professionals seeking employment with Oregon employers. District Attorney Barton helped spearhead the creation of this job fair and our office is a proud sponsor of this event, which takes place March 9-10.

Please visit www.ODLJF.org. There you can find more information on how to register as a career seeker or how to reserve a digital booth as an employer. Together, we can all work to make sure Oregon’s legal system more accurately reflects those it serves.

January 15, 2021