Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown speaking to students at Liberty High School
Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown speaking to students at Liberty High School
Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown speaking to students at Liberty High School
Victim Assistance Specialist Estela Guillen Speaks to Students at the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce

Washington County District Attorney's Office staff speak with students.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore.- Attorneys and support staff from the Washington County District Attorney’s Office have been busy with more than just their normal work lately, as they’ve taken time to meet with students from across the county.

On January 10, 2019, Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown participated in a panel discussion at Liberty High School in Hillsboro. Joined by other professionals from the public and private sectors, Brown told the students in attendance about her work at the DA’s office and how it impacts their lives. Brown, who works on the child abuse team, says it’s vital for students to understand the legal system and how they can be more involved in criminal justice moving forward.

“It was a pleasure speaking with such an engaged group of students,” Brown said of the panel discussion. “I want these students to know about employment opportunities in the criminal justice system and to realize that a career in public service can be very rewarding.”

As Brown was addressing that group, a separate discussion was already underway at the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce. Deputy District Attorney Tucker Rossetto and Victim Assistance Specialist Estela Guillen gave a presentation to a group of about a dozen students from various Washington County schools.

Rossetto, who focuses on misdemeanor cases, told the students about his duties and how they can pursue a career in criminal justice. Guillen, who works with victims as they navigate the legal process, also explained her role and how students could seek internships if they are interested in this field. The discussion was facilitated by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce’s School to Career program, one both Rossetto and Guillen have participated in several times.

A group of college students also had the opportunity to learn more about the DA’s office. Deputy District Attorney Bik-Na Han spoke to several undergraduate students at Pacific University on Monday, January 14. The class, which is run by retired Washington County Judge Don Letourneau, is designed to be an introduction to law for any students interested in becoming lawyers.

“I was thrilled and privileged to be asked by Judge Letourneau to speak with his students about the hard work our office does on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our community,” Han said. “Ultimately, being a prosecutor is a job of service where the focus is on serving our community by advocating for the rights of all of us to live in peace and dignity. It was a great opportunity to educate the students about what we do and why we do it.”

If you’d like one of our attorneys to speak to your group, contact Stephen Mayer, our Public Information Officer. You can email Mayer at  

January 16, 2019