On Saturday March 11, 2016, the Forest Grove School District held its 10th annual "Soar with your Dreams" Career Fair. The career fair was held at the Pacific University campus in Forest Grove, from 9:15am-12:30pm.

This year 170 middle school students attended presentations from 22 local professionals in an effort to encourage students to begin thinking about their futures. This yearly conference allows students to interact with professionals and learn about the education, skills, and requirements needed for jobs they are interested in. Students attended four 40-minute sessions with a presenter of their choice. Occupation topics included graphic design, culinary arts, Nike and Adidas shoe design, firefighter, police officer, attorney and nurse. Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown represented the Washington County District Attorney's Office. She explained her role as a prosecutor, and the education and skills required for such a position. Her presentation also included a discussion of an actual case that went to trial and a dash cam video of a high-speed police chase that students enjoyed. The fair is designed specifically for middle school students because of a shortage of career-oriented programs available prior to high school. Many youth, especially from low-income families, do not get opportunities to participate in workshops like this, which is one of the reasons the fair is a huge attraction for local students.

March 16, 2017