HILLSBORO, Ore. (February 24, 2023) — The Washington County District Attorney’s Office is proud to announce its Child Support Division is ranked the number one division for child support collections statewide.

According to the State of Oregon’s recently-released 2022 child support collection data, the Washington County District Attorney’s Child Support Division collected more than $28.6 million in child support collections for the federal fiscal year, from October 2021 to September 2022. Child support collections include monthly child support dues and payment of any outstanding child support balances not paid. 

The Washington County DA’s Office is the only child support enforcement division in the state to receive 100% of eligible federal incentive funds in all four categories: established support orders, current support collected, arrears collected and cost-effectiveness.

“The success of the Washington County District Attorney’s Office’s Child Support Division is thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication to the families in the Washington County community. The mission of our Child Support Division is to ensure our county’s children have the support they need to grow in a stable environment,” stated Senior Deputy District Attorney Ana Maria Carter and Child Support Division Manager. 

According to the Oregon Department of Justice, a study from the Urban Institute found that child support programs pay for themselves by decreasing the direct budgetary outlays required for other public assistance programs. Another study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found that families who were child support recipients have twice the poverty rate compared to non-recipient families, with nearly 41% also receiving public assistance benefits. 

“The efforts of our robust Child Support Division promote stable and safe homes for children, improving public safety and community well-being. Promoting a stable environment for children in our county is a top priority — and we will continue to build upon these efforts to ensure our children receive the support they need and deserve,” said Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton.

The Washington County District Attorney's Child Support Division also helps parents establish paternity and create or modify child support or medical support orders. Learn more by visiting: https://www.washingtoncountyda.org/child-support

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Public Information Officer
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February 24, 2023