In April, 2018, the Oregon Family Sentencing Alternative Pilot Program (FSAPP) will be featured at the first ever National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference, sponsored by the Arizona State University Center for Child Well-Being. As a top performer within the project, Washington County Community Corrections staff members that administer the program will join the presentation to explain their success in diverting children from foster care and reforming offenders.

FSAPP was established by Oregon House Bill 3503 (2015) to allow primary parents facing prison sentences for non-violent offenses the opportunity to be diverted from prison and continue parenting under intensive supervision. Participants must engage in treatment and programs geared toward parenting and healthy families, and may be revoked from the program and sentenced to prison if they fail to meet the requirements.

The Washington County District Attorney's Office supports this collaborative effort of the Oregon Department of Corrections, Department of Human Services and Washington County Community Corrections. Washington County FSAPP currently supervises 23 offenders, and offers resources to meet critical needs like housing, drug treatment, mentoring and parenting classes. Since January, 2016, seventy children have been positively impacted by the program.

March 29, 2018