Washington County Child Abuse Prosecutors Speak at Nike World Campus​

On April 5, 2018, two members of the Washington County DA’s Office Child Abuse Team (CAT) spoke to Nike employees during a lunchtime presentation designed to help parents ensure their children’s media use is safe and healthy.

Chief DDA Kevin Barton and DDA Andy Pulver addressed a full house for their presentation “Teens and Technology – Keepings Kids Safe in an Online World.” About forty five people filled a conference room on the second floor of the Tiger Woods Center before late arrivals were forced to bring in overflow seating from the lobby. The presentation covered a range of topics, from the basics of how teens use different social media platforms to specific instances where social media exposed children to bullying or predatory behavior. Using examples and anecdotes from their vast body of work on the CAT, Chief DDA Barton and DDA Pulver explained how quickly online decisions can go wrong and what parents can do to protect their children. They closed by explaining the most important lesson for parents is that they should know and control what apps are installed on their child’s mobile device.

Parents face a confusing and constantly evolving social media landscape where striking the right balance between protecting their child and respecting his or her independence can feel impossible. The best place to start is with good information about current trends and what tools are available for parents. The Washington County DA’s Office is proud to work with our community partners to promote the health and safety of everyone in Washington County. If your organization is interested in DA’s Office outreach on this or another topic please contact DDA Andrew Freeman at 503-846-8671.