The Washington County District Attorney's Office, Child Support Division, assists with the establishment and collection of child support orders.

Our services are provided on behalf of the State of Oregon and we represent the interests of the State of Oregon. Applications for Child Support Services are made through the Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support.

We cannot give you legal advice or represent you. For legal advice and representation, please contact a private attorney. If an attorney represents you in any matter, we must have a written release from your attorney before we can communicate directly with you. Your attorney may mail or fax the release to our office.

Contact us at:

       Washington County District Attorney
       Child Support Division
       150 N. First Avenue, MS #41
       Hillsboro, OR  97124

Our office is located in the Justice Services Building basement, facing the Public Services Building on First Avenue.  Enter on the first floor, go through security and take the elevator to the basement.

Telephone:   (503) 846-8759
Fax:              (503) 846-2990


*Please note: We are unable to assure the privacy and confidentiality of Internet communications, therefore, we respond by letter or telephone to case specific questions.

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed holidays)