Victim Assistance Volunteer Program training sessions are held in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information. 

Volunteers complete a mandatory 40-hour training to learn about the criminal justice system, victimization, and the basics of advocacy.  The comprehensive training prepares volunteers and interns to work within the criminal justice system and includes coverage of the following topics:

  • oppression
  • victimization
  • domestic violence
  • sexual assault
  • child abuse
  • elder abuse
  • probation and parole
  • criminal justice
  • advocacy

Speakers at training include Deputy District Attorneys and Victim Advocates from within the District Attorney's Office as well as local experts from outside agencies.  All volunteers and interns complete the basic Victim Assistance 40-hour training program, and those interested in working with domestic violence or child abuse cases must complete additional training.  As part of the hands-on experience, volunteers and interns are also given the opportunity to attend community meetings, training classes, tour the county jail and complete a Ride-Along with the Sheriff's Office.