Adult Recovery Court

Washington County provides three different specialty court options for non-violent offenders who commit drug or drug-related property crimes.  These courts include Adult Recovery Court, Integrative Re-Entry Intensive Supervision Services (IRISS), and Family Sentencing Alternative Pilot Program (FSAP). The focus of each specialty court is tailored for the participants. In order to participate in one of these specialty courts, a common application may be completed (available here) so that a team of evaluators may determine which specialty court is the best fit for the offender.

The mission of the Washington County Adult Drug Court is to change people's lives, break the cycle of addiction, reunite families and promote community safety.  This specialty court program is administered by the circuit court and is a collaborative effort involving the DA’s Office, Community Corrections, the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Health and Human Services, the public defender’s office, and the Washington County treatment community and treatment programs.  Adult Drug Court is designed to focus on offenders who commit drug and drug-related property crimes and have previously tried and failed to complete drug treatment successfully.

Since its inception in 2005, the Washington County Adult Recovery Court Program has graduated over 200 participants and paid back more than $120,000 in restitution to victims. The participants and graduates have had over 2,534 months (over 211 years) in state prison sentences deferred, and over 423 months (over 35 years) in county jail sentences deferred.  With incarceration costs between $84.00 and $88.00 per person per day, the Washington County Drug Court has saved roughly $7 million in Oregon tax dollars and has helped maintain public safety in Washington county.

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Success Stories

Adult Drug Court Celebrates 200th Graduation 

Emotions ran high as the Adult Drug Court celebrated its 212th graduation. Steven Youngs fought back tears as he celebrated his success in this program. We take you inside the emotional ceremony to show why this treatment program is so effective.