The Washington County Early Case Resolution (ECR) program is designed to allow eligible defendants the opportunity to resolve their cases in an expedited manner, often at the time of the initial arraignment hearing or shortly thereafter.  Qualifying crimes include many misdemeanor crimes, many drug possession charges, and certain lower-level felony crimes.  Annually, approximately 2,100 cases proceed through the ECR program, with approximately 67.6% resolving successfully.

Established in 2007, the ECR program is a collaborative effort by the court, the DA’s Office, the Metropolitan Public Defender (MPD), and the Oregon Defense Attorney Consortium (ODAC).  It provides a wide range of benefits.  It allows defendants the opportunity to resolve a criminal case quickly after consulting with a defense attorney and reviewing all discovery.  It reduces the number of times a defendant must appear in court, which not only saves time for the defendant but also allowed limited court resources to be devoted to more complicated matters.  Additionally, crime victims benefit from this program as the case is resolved without delay.  DA’s Office victim advocates contact victims to alert them to the process, ensure they are aware of their rights and obtain information about restitution and sentencing considerations.