HILLSBORO, Ore.- On December 1, 2020, Judge Andrew Erwin found Alexander Tynell Williams guilty of first-degree assault, third-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment in a bench trial. On December 15, 2020, Judge Erwin sentenced the defendant to 90 months in prison. Deputy District Attorney Rayney Meisel prosecuted the case against Mr. Williams. 

Mr. Williams had been caring for the seven-month-old victim, along with the baby’s two toddler brothers, for approximately three hours on November 24, 2019.  When he returned the children to his mother, she noticed her toddlers had bruises on their faces and her infant had extensive and significant bruising to his face and torso. The baby’s four-year-old brother told his mother the defendant hit him and the baby. 

Medics were called and a full body inspection revealed severe injuries to the child’s genitals and abdomen. The injuries to the infant required immediate hospitalization. When confronted by family members, Mr. Williams denied any knowledge of what caused the injuries to the child, despite having been the last person to change the child’s diaper.

Hillsboro police and the Oregon Department of Human Services were notified and attempted contact with Mr. Williams. The defendant agreed to meet with investigators but failed to appear at the scheduled meeting. He eluded authorities for approximately five months. A grand jury indicted Mr. Williams on several charges on February 10, 2020 and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was ultimately taken into custody by the Portland Police Bureau after he was involved in a two-vehicle crash. Mr. Williams was identified as one of the drivers involved in the collision. After initially denying he was driving the vehicle, he later admitted that he was operating the vehicle at the time of the crash. 

“The child is doing well, but his recovery is on-going and he continues to be monitored by medical professionals. It remains unclear how these injuries and this trauma will affect him in the future,” DDA Meisel said of the victim’s current condition.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office wishes to acknowledge the work of the Hillsboro Police Department including Detective Tobby Cook. This office also thanks Randall’s Children’s Hospital, CARES Northwest, the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Portland Police Bureau for their work on this case.

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Public Information Officer
December 03, 2020