We've all heard of packages being stolen from homes, but did you know criminals are now stealing mail, including unemployment benefits and COVID-19 stimulus checks? Scammers have wasted no time taking advantage of the pandemic and we urge you to protect yourself from these schemes. Please take a look at this advice from Sheriff Pat Garrett of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney Kevin Barton. You can also find additional information from the Federal Trade Commission

In part two of our series examining scams related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a look at donations scams. Oregonians are very generous, and we want to help our neighbors in times of need. Unfortunately, scammers know this as well and are looking to take advantage of that generosity. Watch the video to see the most common donation scams and how to avoid them.

In our third video exploring scams related to the pandemic, we focus on schemes used to target seniors. Seniors are already heavily targeting by scammers, but the pandemic has created even more opportunities to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Please watch the video and share it to help protect seniors across the area. 

In our final video exploring COVID-19 scams, we warn you of imposters posing as legitimate contact tracers and attempts to sell you a coronavirus cure or miracle treatment. The Washington County Department of Health and Human Services is using legitimate contact tracers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These callers will never ask for sensitive personal information like your social security number or financial information. 

We have also received reports of those claiming to have a COVID cure or breakthrough treatment. This is false as well. Only consult a trusted medical professional if you do become sick with COVID-19 

August 14, 2020