HILLSBORO, Ore. – The Washington County District Attorney’s Office recently joined with local law enforcement agencies and community partners in two separate missions designed to combat human trafficking in Washington County.

The operations in September and November of this year involved the collaborative efforts of law enforcement officers from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Forest Grove Police Department and the Portland Police Bureau Sex Trafficking Unit. The Washington County District Attorney’s Office provided advance assistance in planning and execution, as well as active and ongoing support as the operations unfolded. The goals of these missions were to break the chain of human trafficking by enforcing state and federal criminal laws and to develop intelligence on suspects who are trafficking victims in Washington County.

“As always, we are proud to work hand-in-hand with our law enforcement partners to protect crime victims and our community,” said District Attorney Bob Hermann. “Our goal is to help build the strongest possible cases against those who would commit these crimes.”

A total of twenty-two suspects were arrested. Each case was referred to the DA’s Office for prosecution and all of the suspects were charged with Commercial Sexual Solicitation. As of this writing, thirteen of the men have pled guilty and been convicted. The remainder of the cases are at various stages of the court process, and all of the prosecutions are not expected to resolve until 2018.

The Washington County DA’s Office is committed to continued efforts working with local law enforcement agencies and community partners to rescue victims of human trafficking and hold offenders accountable.

December 01, 2017