HILLSBORO, Ore- On October 10, 2023, following the completion of jury selection on the first day of trial, defendant Rian Alden pleaded guilty to Attempted Assault in the Second Degree, a felony. Senior Judge Beth Roberts sentenced the defendant to a suspended three-year prison sentence and formal probation to be supervised by the Washington County Community Corrections Department. Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeff Lesowski prosecuted the case against Mr. Alden. 

On March 30, 2018, Mr. Alden was working as a deputy in the Washington County Jail. The defendant was assigned to the intake area. The victim, Albert Molina, had just been arrested for DUII and was being processed into the jail by the defendant. Mr. Molina was intoxicated at the time and was struggling to comply with the defendant’s commands. During the booking photo process, the defendant rushed towards the victim and forced him into a wall. The incident knocked the victim unconscious. Mr. Molina was transported to the hospital where he was treated for significant injuries to the head. 

The defendant was indicted by a grand jury in 2020 for Assault in the Second Degree.  In 2021, the Oregon Supreme Court decided State v. Owen, which changed the legal proof requirements for that crime making convictions more difficult. Despite the change in Oregon law, this case proceeded to trial, with jury selection being completed on October 10, 2023. After jury selection, the defendant elected to change his plea. 

Importantly the victim, Mr. Molina, supported the resolution of the case.  Mr. Molina made it known that he did not want Mr. Alden to be a police officer again, he wanted the case to resolve with a plea, and did not want Mr. Alden to serve a prison sentence.  This felony resolution will accomplish all of those goals.

As part of the sentence, Judge Roberts also ordered the defendant to submit a DNA sample and to undergo an anger evaluation and treatment.  If Mr. Alden violates any terms of his supervision, the court will be able to impose the suspended three-year prison sentence. 

Media contact information
Stephen Mayer
Public Information Officer
October 10, 2023