HILLSBORO, Ore.- On March 30, 2022, Luis R Ortega Hernandez pleaded guilty to first-degree rape. Judge Beth Roberts then sentenced the defendant to 100 months in prison. Senior Deputy District Attorney Allison Brown prosecuted the case against the defendant.

The victim was just 18 years old when this incident occurred. On February 13, 2021, the victim’s roommate invited the defendant and a friend over to their apartment. The defendant provided the victim with alcohol and marijuana. The victim became severely intoxicated.

The defendant attempted to touch the victim sexually while in the living room. She refused his advances. Then the defendant picked the victim up and carried her to a bedroom. He proceeded to sexually assault he. She attempted to fight back, but the defendant used force and the threat of physical violence to subdue her.

The victim confided in friends the next day and they encouraged her to file a police report. She did so and went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam. Beaverton police detectives began investigating and arranged a call between the victim and Mr. Hernandez. During the call, the defendant apologized for his actions and admitted to using physical force and to committing the sex acts. The Oregon State Police Forensic Lab confirmed the presence of the defendant’s DNA in the victim’s sexual assault forensic kit. Ultimately, the defendant was arrested in May 2021.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office wishes to commend the victim for her courage in reporting this abuse. This office also acknowledges the Beaverton Police Department and the Oregon State Police Forensic Lab for their work.

In addition to his prison sentence, the defendant was ordered to register as a sex offender, undergo sex offender treatment, serve a term of post-prison supervision, and have no contact with this victim upon his release. He will be transferred to the Oregon Department of Corrections to begin serving his sentence.

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Stephen Mayer
Public Information Officer
March 30, 2022