HILLSBORO, Ore.- The Washington County District Attorney’s Office, in partnership with various community and law enforcement partners, is excited to announce the launch of the Washington County Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program (MHDPP).

This new specialty court program will work in conjunction with Washington County’s Mental Health Court. It is intended for non-violent offenders who are charged with a qualifying misdemeanor crime where mental illness is a significant factor in their criminal behavior. This new program is possible because of a change in the law through SB 218 (2021) that increases the ability to offer this type of specialty court program.

Participants in the program will be supervised by the Washington County Community Corrections Department. They will be ordered to comply with all conditions of probation including enrollment in appropriate mental health treatment. Once a participant successfully completes the program, they are eligible to ask a judge to dismiss their misdemeanor charges. 

“I am excited to launch this new specialty program after many years of behind-the-scenes work,” said District Attorney Kevin Barton. “We had to go to Salem to get the law changed, and now we can offer this important resource to community members with mental health needs.”

Judge Rebecca Guptill will preside over this program. The MHPDD would not have been possible without the support of the Washington County Circuit Court, community corrections, sheriff’s office, Washington County Adult and Mental Health Services, various mental health specialists, the defense bar, and this office. More information on the program, including details on how to apply, can be found here.

Media contact information
Stephen Mayer
Public Information Officer
March 04, 2022